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MAP Norway has a research team made up of CATIE scientists, local specialists in the territories and undergraduate and graduate students.

Each year CATIE makes an open call to attract master’s degree students interested in the same approaches as the program. MAP also has interest in receiving students of local universities in the territories and universities in other countries. MAP offers financial support according to the particular situation of each student. Male and female students have equal opportunity to be selected (gender equity).

Specific topics to be developed are defined with the selected students in accordance with the MAP research agenda. It is a win-win relationship in which the students fulfill their academic objectives and gain professional experience in the interaction with CATIE specialists and scientists, both in the field and in the classroom, and MAP benefits by the research results that guide its actions in the territories.

Currently MAP has a multidisciplinary team of students (men and women) from different countries that are carrying out research on food security and ecosystem services in rural communities and on farms and with business organizations and governance.