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Rural population and agricultural sectors in Mesoamerica with a better quality of life without environmental degradation and with equity in decision making.


Construction of two climate smart territories (CSTs) in Central America based on collaborative work with producer families on their farms, with organizations and with actors in governance and productive, social and environmental governability. The target group includes: 1) 5,000 families (with farm and/or home garden) with direct attention; 2) 30 business organizations; 3) seven value chains; 4) six platforms of governance and productive, social and environmental governance; 5) 10 Central American and extraregional organizations.

Result 1

5,000 rural families in the two territories specified in MAP Norway increase their assets and improve equity in family decision making for food and nutritional security.

Result 2

5,000 farms and/or home gardens in the two territories increase and diversify agroecological and agroforestry production

Result 3

30 business organizations and key actors have greater capabilities to link to and access better markets in seven prioritized value chains in the two CSTs.

Resultado 4

Local and national governance and governability actors in six platforms improve enabling conditions that promote climate smart management in the two territories.

Result 5

Territorial governance institutions, civil-society organizations, universities and midlevel education centers, research centers, technical service providers and/or projects that support rural families and their farms use the CST model.