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Scaling-out agents

The project constantly works with scaling-out agents, reporting about the results and benefits of the CST model and supporting the use of its concepts.

The project’s teachings, methodologies, tools and other products will be extended to other families in Trifinio and NicaCentral and other territories and families through six possible scaling-out agents:

1) Territorial governance actors

2) International cooperation projects and other national and international initiatives that carry out actions in the territories

3) Value chain organizations, unions, producer organizations, NGOs and other operational agencies involving the target families and their organizations

4) Policy and regulatory institutions in the territory (ministries, secretariats of agriculture, ministry of environment, secretariats of food security, among others)

5) Research centers, universities, and midlevel education centers

6) Technical service providers and/or development projects that assist rural families and their farms

7) Teams of rural promoters and technical teams that offer technical assistance to families and their farms