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In MAP Norway we understand that there is gender equity when women and men have the same rights, benefits, obligations and opportunities to take part in decision making on the use and control of resources.

The MAP project aspires to contribute to reduction of inequities, improvement in quality of life in family, organizational and communal environments for women, men and young persons, key factors in the processes of territorial development and the struggle against poverty, food insecurity and vulnerability to the effects of climate change.


MAP Norway guarantees the transversality of the gender approach via implementation of a gender strategy that incorporates four areas of action:

  • Development of capitals (human, social, political) of the rural families, especially of women and young people, so that they diversity their livelihoods and increase their empowerment.
  • Development of business, associative and innovative capabilities of women and young people so that they participate in an effective way and work in the different value chains under better conditions.
  • Management and diffusion of knowledge related to application of the gender and equity approach
  • Mainstreaming of the gender approach in the management and administration of MAP



  • Opening up opportunities for empowerment of women and young people through farmer field schools
  • Increased participation of women and young people in MAP Norway activities
  • Raising awareness of gender issues with male and female facilitators of farmer field schools
  • Incorporation of gender capsules in technical sessions of the farmer field schools