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Project summary


  • CATIE began a process of integrating projects financed by Norway in various areas (coffee, livestock production, cocoa, vegetables, etc.) into an integrated platform called the Mesoamerican Agroenvironmental Program (MAP).


  • In its first phase (MAP 1), MAP had support from the Norwegian Embassy in Nicaragua, SIDA of Sweden and FINNFOR 1, with funding from Finland.



  • The first phase of MAP (MAP1) begins as an intersectoral platform for applying systemic and integrative approaches to improve the well-being of rural Mesoamerica in a sustainable way. Actions were based on the concept of sustainable land management in three specific areas:

1) Adaptation to climate change

2) Ecosystem services

3) Markets and value chains



  • Beginning of the second phase of MAP.


  • MAP Norway builds on what was learned during MAP 1 and introduces important conceptual and operational changes to contribute to the search for solutions to five of the global problems that affect the Mesoamerican region: (1) poverty, (2) gender inequality, (3) food and nutritional insecurity, (4) degradation of ecosystem services and (5) vulnerability to climate change.